VA - Sweethearts Of The Silver Screen (3CD) (2002)

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22 July 2011

VA - Sweethearts Of The Silver Screen (3CD) (2002)

VA - Sweethearts Of The Silver Screen (3CD) (2002)

VA - Sweethearts Of The Silver Screen (3CD) (2002)
3CDs | Release: 2002 | MP3 320 kbps | 331.67 MB
Genre: Stage & Screen
This Portuguese three-CD boxed set seems to be drawn, for the most part, from the actual soundtracks of Hollywood films released between the 1930s and the early '50s. European copyright law places recordings more than 50 years old in the public domain, so the 2001 set cuts off strictly at the start of the '50s. This is, therefore, an unauthorized, if not technically illegal set, and "buyer beware" reservations apply. Sound quality is variable; most of the tracks are in mono, some muffled, although there are occasional stereo recordings, suggesting that the compilers have simply lifted a track from one of Rhino/Turner's compilations of MGM movie soundtracks. Since the material is mostly taken from the films themselves, the performances are sometimes incomplete, conforming to the dramatic dictates of the onscreen story. For example, Betty Grable's rendition of "I Can't Begin to Tell You" from The Dolly Sisters is little more than a fragment imbedded in a scene with plenty of dialogue, and, oddly, also included on the track is a big piece of the next scene, which doesn't feature Grable or the song at all. The album's sparse annotations often fail to credit prominent male performers joining the women who are the album's reason for being. For example, "Baby, It's Cold Outside" from Neptune's Daughter is really a duet between Ricardo Montalban and Esther Williams, not a Williams solo, and "Paducah" from The Gang's All Here begins with the clarinet and lead vocals of an uncredited Benny Goodman before giving way to Carmen Miranda. So, this is a sloppily edited, random gathering of film music (and it could have fit on two CDs instead of three), but it contains performances by many of the major female musical stars of the golden age of Hollywood movies, and it is relatively inexpensive.


Disk 1

1. (00:02:14) Marilyn Monroe - River of No Return
2. (00:03:12) Doris Day - Tea for Two
3. (00:02:36) The Andrews Sisters - Rhumboogie [From Argentine Nights]
4. (00:04:46) Esther Williams - Baby, It's Cold Outside [From Neptune's Daughter]
5. (00:04:33) Carmen Miranda - Paducah [From The Gang's All Here]
6. (00:03:16) Betty Grable - I Can't Begin to Tell You [From The Dolly Sisters]
7. (00:03:50) Shirley Temple - Oh, My Goodness [From Poor Little Rich Girl]
8. (00:02:42) Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers - Fine Romance [From Swing Time] - Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers.mp3
9. (00:04:03) Judy Garland - Trolley Song [From Meet Me in St. Louis]
10. (00:01:49) Alice Faye - Year's Kisses [From On the Avenue
11. (00:02:42) Dorathy Lamour - Moonlight and Shadows [From the Jungle Princess]
12. (00:02:31) Lena Horne - Ain't It the Truth [From Cabin in the Sky]
13. (00:01:35) Dorothy Malone - In the Still of the Night [From Night and Day]
14. (00:02:26) Ethel Merman - My Walking Stick [From Alexander's Ragtime Band]
15. (00:01:59) Betty Hutton - If You Build a Better Mousetrap [The Fleet's In]

Disk 2
1. (00:02:46) Judy Garland - Over The Rainbow [From The Wizard Of Oz]
2. (00:04:53) Fanny Brice - My Man [From the Great Ziegfeld]
3. (00:01:11) Shirley Temple - Get on Board, Li'l Children [From Dimples]
4. (00:03:00) Josephine Baker - C'est Lui [From Zouzou]
5. (00:05:02) Fred Astaire - Cheek to Cheek [From Top Hat]
6. (00:03:53) Dan Daily, Betty Grable - Kokomo, Indiana [From Mother Wore Tights]
7. (00:03:06) Carmen Miranda - Caroom Pa Pa [From Nancy Goes to Rio]
8. (00:02:57) Marilyn Monroe - Every Baby Needs a Da-Da-Daddy [From Ladies of the Chorus]
9. (00:02:45) The Andrews Sisters - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy [From Buck Privates]
10. (00:03:31) Nelson Eddy, Jeanette MacDonald - Indian Love Call [From Rose Marie]
11. (00:01:04) Jane Wyman - Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love) [From Night and Day]
12. (00:03:01) Doris Day - Very Thought of You [From Young Man with a Horn]
13. (00:03:07) Marlene Dietrich - Give Me the Man [From Morocco]
14. (00:01:50) Angela Lansbury - Wait and See [From The Harvey Girls]
15. (00:01:56) Alice Faye - I'll See You in My Dreams [From Rose of Washington Square]

Disk 3
1. (00:03:53) Shirley Temple - On the Good Ship Lollipop [From Bright Eyes]
2. (00:03:12) Marlene Dietrich - Falling in Love Again
3. (00:01:38) The Andrews Sisters - Don't Fence Me In [From Hollywood Canteen]
4. (00:03:52) Lena Horne - Stormy Weather (From Stormy Weather]
5. (00:03:26) Doris Day - It's Magic [From Romance on the High Seas]
6. (00:01:23) Marilyn Monroe - Anyone Can See I Love You [From Ladies of the Chorus]
7. (00:02:07) Carmen Miranda - Cuanto le Gusta [From A Date with Judy]
8. (00:02:20) Judy Garland - After You've Gone [From for Me and My Gal]
9. (00:02:34) Ginger Rogers - We're In The Money [From Gold Diggers of 1933]
10. (00:01:48) Alice Faye - I'm Just Wild About Harry [From Rose of Washington Square]
11. (00:02:40) Betty Grable - Burlington Bertie from Bow [From Mother Wore Tights]
12. (00:02:43) Dorothy Lamour - I Remember You [From the Fleet's in]
13. (00:03:04) Jane Wyman - You Do Something to Me [From Night and Day]
14. (00:02:07) Deanna Durbin - It's Raining Sunbeams [From One Hundred Men and One Girl]
15. (00:05:02) Bette Davis - They're Either Too Young or Too Old [From Thank Your Lucky Stars]


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