Create Custom Beat Up Songs

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30 June 2009

Create Custom Beat Up Songs

After being asked numerous times, I decided to just write up a Guide, then repeat myself over and over:

Tools you will need:
DDreamStudio -
SpreadSheet Program - google OpenOffice if u don't have excel
Songs - Either normal audition beatup songs that already exist in beatup, or any custom song that is either 90,102,130,132,138 bpm any more or less will cause ur song to fall off beat.

Okay putting the tools aside, making a proper Beat up song actually takes little bit of time and effort, so unless u can actually bebothered stop reading here.

Step 1:Download all programs needed

Step 2:Install DDreamStudio (DDS)

Step 3:Get your song and open it in DDS

Step 4:Activate the arrow layer by selecting it in the View menu

Step 5:Press the "a" button and insert the BPM of your song, the bpm of your song can usually be found by googling the song and then adding the word bpm after it ie/ Your Already Gone bpm (this is for misc songs not from audition), the offset is usually 0, unless the server has its own default offset, then you'll just have to figure it out yourself.

Step 6:Change to the 16th beat, by press the right arrow key till it says 16th at the bottom, beatup only supports 16th/4th/8th and nothing else.

Step 7:Start the song by pressing "space", and press the "1" key to indicate an arrow should be there (this is any arrow) and the "4" key to indicate a space should be there. Spaces are generally separated by two pagedowns from the first one and so on, ie/ place a space then hit pagedown twice, the next space should be on position. On the last space, add the "3" button with the "4" button, this is to indicate a FM is there.

(Note: do not have a "1" and a "4" on the same beat)

Step 8:After your done, save it as a single BPM .sm file and not a DDreamStudio .ds file
(Note: File saved cannot have a space)

Step 9:Make a copy of the .sm file u created, and open it with notepad.

Step 10:Delete everything in the notepad above the lines that look like:

Then save and exit.

Step 11:Open DOS and run SMtoSLK and the file path of your .sm file


This will create a file called output.txt, if you can't find the file, it will be in the folder of whatever the path of what the DOS line currently shows, which is usually C:\Documents and Settings\(Your windows username)\

Step 12:Open the output.txt and copy and paste the whole thing into a pre-existing beatup slk, so you should paste it on the 3rd row.

Step 13 (Optional):The last column is the Beatup keys, this is either 147 369, the second last is indicates where its a normal beatup arrow (n) or a space/FM (s or s,f), the rest of the columns are just timing and you can disregard them as they where done when u synced the song in DDS.

Step 14 (Optional):If you used a non-regular audition song, use a hex editor to open the abm file that matches the abm that your custom song is playing at and press Ctrl-G and select Hex and type in 252, then hold onto shift and pres "End" key and then the "up" key 6 times, delete everything thats selected, and under file - goto insert file, and select your mp3.

Step 15:Only way for you to test your song will be to download Xero Audition and insert it into the 009.acv, you will not beable to add it into Redbana Audition without a new acv tool, which no one has atm.

Step 16:If your satisfied with your work, and have done final edits - you can whisper me to see if your song can be included into future releases of the Aau Custom Beatup.

Good Luck.

abm editing goto whoever first figured out how to edit abms - beats me who figured that out.
Whoever created the SMtoSLK converter
And me for typing this up.

Thank's to: willsonfang


Fred on August 21, 2010 at 2:33 AM said...

Beat up songs are the best.

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